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Production Unit

Cutting Unit

  • After the preparation of the cutting blanks and the removal of the required iron from the relevant warehouse, the cutting operations in the three sections will be done.
    1- cutting of the guillotine for sheets up to 21 mm thick.
    2- cutting strips for cutting profiles.
    3- CNC thermal cutting cutters for sheets greater than 21 mm.

Drilling and Plotting Unit

  • After the cutting operations, the cut pieces are shaped and prepared according to individual workshop plans, and the pieces that require drilling are drilled by advanced machines such as punch, radial drill and CNC drill. Fully automatic three-axis CNC drills at Akam Folad do the drilling of I-shaped parts.

Welding Unit

  • All welding processes in the AKAM Folad Company are automated or semi-automatic processes. All welds are subjected to WAMG, WAS, WSE processes are carried out under pre-approved or approved guidelines and by qualified welders under the control of the factory’s quality control team.

Surface Preparation and Coloring Unit

  • In this unit, according to the specifications of the plan, the preparation of the surfaces of the parts produced by electric tools or the execution of shat blast is carried out with the specified degrees. Upon completion of the stages of preparation, the parts are carried for coloring to the indoor hall. They are controlled by temperature and humidity and stained away from any external contamination.

Manufacturing Tower Unit

  • The company has the ability to make all types of grid towers (Lattice), power transmission, telecommunication and television towers in the form of tripods and four lightweight, heavy and ultra-heavy rails, telescopic towers, power transmission and lighting towers from 63 Up to 400 kilowatts and up to 150 meters high in manufacturing tower unit.
    Also, designing and producing computational maps and subsequently producing cupolas of different types of towers with XSteel software is also done in the engineering department of this company.

Quality Control

    • Akam Folad Co. Quality Control Unit manages and controls the quality of production and construction of the structure in the various stages of structure production from the time of entry of the iron to the factory until the construction of the steel structure on the site.
      The company controls the above mentioned by the most up-to-date national and international standards and qualified experts in quality control and with the presence of advanced inspection instruments and equipment.

The inspection areas of the quality control unit summarizes as follows:

    1. Quality inspection and determination of the grade consumable steel in the advanced laboratory of Akam Folad Co. using stretching and bending tests in accordance with the provisions of the national regulations of the building and the authoritative foreign references such as EN10025-2 and ASTM standards.
    2. Control of welding processes before, during and after welding of parts are controlled and managed according to the welding instructions approved by using ultrasonic testing apparatus, penetrating liquid, magnetic particles and eye examinations. It performs destructive tests at Akam Folad Laboratory, in accordance with the national regulations of the building and valid foreign references such as AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.8 and EN1090-2.
    3. Controlling the dimensional conformance of broken, assembled and welded parts with approved workshops in accordance with the provisions of the national regulations of the building and foreign authorities such as AISC 360, AISC 303 and EN1090-2.
    4. Control of the preparation process for the surfaces of metal parts produced according to the design specifications and in accordance with the national regulations of the building and external authoritative references such as EN1090-2 and SSPC EN1090-2 , SSP.
    5. Temperature and humidity control and other factors influencing the process of coloring the steel parts according to the design specifications and the provisions of the national regulations of the building and external authoritative references such as SSPC.
    6. -Controlling the process of welding and twisting of fittings made of steel parts, monitoring the portability of columns, proper storage of welding materials and structural screws, and implementing the requirements and conditions of the site with construction plans. It is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the National Building Regulations and other authoritative foreign authorities such as AISC 206, AISC 303, AISC 360, RCSC and EN1090-2.