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Akam Steel Co., with about 20 years of experience in investing and designing construction projects, manufacturing and installing of steel and industrial structures in factories 1 and 2 with a total area of 10 hectares in Tehran, Safadasht Industrial Town and Robat Karim, with the creation of extensive facilities Software and software, and membership in the Association of Metal Structural Manufacturers, is proud to rely on the records and experiences of managers, engineers and personnel committed and experienced with the use of advanced machines and equipment and compliance with the standards of engineering, design , Construction and installation of various steel structures

Selected Projects by Akam Folad

Akam Folad., after about two decades of its activities in the field of investment and construction projects, the design, manufacture and installation of steel and industrial structures, and equipment for oil and power with the creation of extensive hardware and software and The membership of the Metal Structures Manufacturers Association has become one of the top construction and production investment companies in the country and the Middle East, based on the records and experiences of managers, engineers and dedicated personnel. The company continues to select the projects of the company Akam Steel is mentioned.


750 Experienced and Trained Persinnei
Industrial Zone and Factory Area: 100.000 m2
Per Year Prouduction 50.000 Tons